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Hiya :)


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Hi! My name is Isabelle but I prefer just Isa. I am 12, my pronouns are she/her though I might change it. I'm lithromantic and lithosexual. I think I might be agender too. I know I'm a little young to be here but I really just need people to talk to. My siblings and cousin know but they don't like talking about it.. They are keeping it a secret from my parents but I'm scared they will see I'm using this website. I feel like I need to talk to someone though. Sorry for rambling about my problems I just feel a bit lost.

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Hi Isa, welcome! This forum is a really easy-going place and we even have a teen corner if you feel more comfortable talking to the younger members of this forum.


But obviously you can talk to anyone you like. You can find a lot of information on this forum, ask questions or just rant. Have fun :)

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