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Recently figured out I'm gray


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Hello everyone, I'm Firecrest! I'm a 23 year old guy who has just recently concluded he's grayromantic.

I would love to share my story how I got to this point. To be honest, the signs were always there, but I never gave it much thought.

Throughout my life I have never been in a romantic relationship. Nor was I ever really bothered about it. I always pinned it to me being a bit introverted. But so were my friends, and yet they managed to get into relationships. I could never imagine myself dating someone I just met. I also thought crushes were a rare occurance, but as I got older, I realized that is not the case when some of my friends would talk about them relatively often. "But maybe I just haven't met the right person, right? Or are my standards too high?"

Near the beginning of this year, I reconnected with a friend and over the next few months I developed the deepest emotional bond I've ever had with her. And I started to suspect I might have developed something more than just platonic love. But I could never give myself an answer; I didn't have anything to compare it to and for each argument for what I've been told is romance I could find an argument which is completely against romance.

Not mention, the more I thought about romantic relationships, the more I realized I didn't need it for what I truly wanted: emotional support, vibing, the feeling of being loved and potentially someone to live with.

One day, she told she thinks she might be aromantic. After listening to her, I told her about my situation. We talked for quite a while and I learned that there is a whole aromantic spectre. I began reading about and concluded I'm gray because:

A) Not sure where the line between platonic and romantic is

B) I needed a very deep bond to even question it

C) Lack of crushes

D) No desire for a proper relationship.

Maybe I am completely aromantic, but until I can 100% say I don't love my friend romantically, I'll identify as grayromantic.

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