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Marcela from Don Quixote is very Aro


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What makes her Aro? 


She chooses the life of a shepherdess over marrying any of her suitors. A bunch of smitten lads fall for her but she warns them that it is futile to pursue her. These love stricken shepherds fill the forest with hearts with Marcellas name on it and add crowns proclaiming her to be the most beautiful. 

Then this guy named Grisóstomo tragically commits suicide and blames his self annihilation on Marcelas cruelty. The shepherds make a funeral for their friends and despise Marcela. Suddenly the shepherdess comes out of the woods to announce these criticisms against her name by giving a speech. This all happens in Chapter 14 Part 1 I believe. 

I was very surprised to someone who acted so aromantic to be in a book about a knight comically and or tragically trying to find his princess. Thats all we see from her in the book. There are other examples of Aro type characters who are mythological gods or goddesses of chastity but I mean...Chastity is a choice usually made for religious or spiritual reasons. Besides these characters are not human beings, they are deities. 

I think Marcela is as Aro as you can get for a book written way back in 1605. Thats some old school aro representation right there. 


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Oh I don't even remember that part ! I didn't know I was aro when I read it.

I'm not as surprised though. Don Quichote makes fun of other books and romance is a big part of them, so if there is such a story in the book, it is logical that the men are painted as overdramatic.

Still it is interesting to see Marcela painted as being in her right, not common, in particular in 1605 !

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