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What does it feel like to like/have a crush on someone?


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Well, I don't know if  my crush feelings are like how others experience. My romantic range is also limited.

However, to answer your question.

Emotionally, it feels exciting thinking of that person. Feelings of excitement and wanting to be around them come up. It feels intriguing and mysterious to see if you can connect with that person and have a mutual love.

If that person walks by me, I kind of get nervous and want to show off.

I'll be thinking about that person a lot.

Obviously there are sexual feelings too.

But unfortunately, as I said, my range is narrow and they usually don't last long.


Maybe a better way to answer your question would be comparisons, similes, etc.

It's like when you're a kid and you always wanted a cat.

Your parents buy you a kitten. The kitten loves you back and this makes you happy.

You go back to school the next day and you can't stop thinking about that cat. You want to see him and play with him. You're just feeling that rush.

Emotionally that's what it feels like, but I also feel sexual attraction to the girl.

But as I listed above, I get frustrated because these emotions aren't sustainable for me.

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Hi!! I agree with Ted above^ I think my experiences are also limited but from what I have experienced (whether they are squishes/crushes/fantasies I've made up in my head), when you have a crush, you can't wait to see that person. You feel excitement, nervous, maybe anxious, etc. It is important to know that it is different for everyone. I think I have definitely had squishes/crushes (I don't know what to call them) but part of me wants to call them crushes because I get those feelings whenever I find someone really cute and physically appealing to me. Also as Ted said, it's exciting thinking about that person. I also get a feeling of wanting to connect with that person. I think my feelings end there though. I've never really pictured myself in a relationship. I don't think I crave one, and if at times I do, I think it can come from a place of insecurity. I've never felt romantic attraction towards somebody, if that makes sense. But I am sure that I have felt squishes/crushes. I hope this helps! But also remember that it is different for everyone and there is no one-size-fits-all :)

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