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A relationships app/site geared towards aspec people is something I've wanted for a long time. Especially one that's open to a variety of relationship types that aro and ace people can pursue- like aroallo people, sex- and romance- favorable people, gray and demi people, both partnering and nonpartnering people, etc.

As someone who's aro and wants a partner/qpp, and who's sex-favorable but experiences limited attraction, traditional dating apps have been a bust for me because those places are geared so strongly towards allo-allo people (even if you're just looking for a hookup). I've tried tinder multiple times and it always leaves me disappointed lol

There's A-Cafe (reddit), but it's been in development for a while and I'm not sure when it's slated to release (it's been delayed a few times IIRC). Then there are some ace dating subreddits and discord servers, but I don't know of anything geared towards aros unfortunately.

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