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How Arocalypse Works (FAQ)


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Rank, points and badges:

points are earnt by commenting and adding topics.

  • 1 topic = 1 point
  • 1 comment = 1 point

Badges are currently awarded as follows:

  • Tadpole - 1 comment/post
  • Young Frog - 25 comments/posts
  • Frog - 100 comments/posts
  • Beelzebufo - 500 comments/posts

Ranks are given as follows:

  • Tadpole - 0 points
  • Young Frog - 25 points
  • Frog - 100 points
  • Beelzebufo - 500 points


  • Reactions do not add to points and therefore do not contribute to ranks or badges currently
  • However they are what defines the leaderboard, which shows the most upvoted users of a particular time period, as well as popular comments from that period - https://www.arocalypse.com/leaderboard/


  • Users can add images to comments, users cannot add video but links to video sites such as youtube can be embedded
  • As there is a storage limit due to hosting there are some limitations placed on users to prevent an overload of images: There is a 300kb imit per comment and a total storage limit of 10240kb per member
  • emojis do not count towards this, flood the site with frogs as much as you like

Posts and Comments:

  • All comments count towards points and therefore ranking up
  • Not all comments are posts, comments in off topic, arcade and the private personal ads forum do not add to post count, nor do status updates or PMs
  • A user with a large post count is therefore someone who has commented a lot on aromantic topics, rather than helped us count to 1 million


  • Themes can be changed using a dropdown menu located at the bottom of the page 
  • Any recommendations to improve themes can be made in the site comments section

New ideas:

  • Ideas for new things, for instance new features, new badges or new subforums, go in the site comments forum - https://www.arocalypse.com/forum/9-site-comments/
  • Ideas for new forums are generally discussed by the moderation team and then put to a vote on the forum


  • Actions to hide your comments can be found in the top right corner of the comment, either by pressing the three dots or by clicking the square which opens another menu
  • posts and status updates can be hidden. this means guests and members cannot see them but mods can access them if needed to moderate a thread
  • if you wish to have a status update deleted completely just notify an admin



Getting in touch:

  • If you wish to get in touch with the arocalypse admin, all mods and admin can be PM'd
  • You can email at contact@arocalypse.com
  • You can message using the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page

Account Deletion:

  • Contact arocalypse by email or message or PM the current admin
  • When your account is deleted the posts will be made anonymous, they will look the same as guest posts
  • If you want your posts to be deleted with the account please say


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