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"Hands up, Fight back. Hands up, Fight back. Hands up, Fight back. Because we are not begging them for shit. So today I'm going to tell y'all all the reasons why not only should we abolish the police, but we should abolish this motherfucking system that we're living under. Because we're not reforming a system that was built against us, we're gonna burn this shit to the ground and then rebuild it for ourselves. Today we're going to talk about abolition because more of y'all need to be okay with being uncomfortable. The American Experiment started because a black man got shot right before the revolutionary war. We're the first American that dropped to build this country. Crispus Attucks, google it. So I'm angry for Crispus Attucks. I'm angry for Emmett Till. I'm angry for Eric Garner. I'm angry for Sandra Bland. I'm angry for Tony McDade. I'm motherfucking angry. We've been marching peacefully for over 100 years, what the fuck has that gotten us? We build ourselves up and they burn our shit down. Why are we trying to fucking reason with them? They don't care about us. They don't. So now, as black people, as people of colour, as poor people because poor white people, they don't fuck with you either. So, as these marginalized groups, it is our job as the people to show the government who the fuck the power really is. And if they don't want to listen to us we will make them because when I see that capitol building down there or when I see that white house over there, I don't see it painted white. I see the black and brown bleeding hands that built it. That shit is painted red to me."

- From Protest, Reposted @reddisari

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Life is a minestrone
Served up with parmesan cheese
Death is a cold Lasagne
Suspended in deep freeze

- 10cc


I think I'm a banana tree

- Queen (Freddy Mercury)


I can't hear you!

- Ray Parker Jr. (Ghostbusters)


Recycling doesn't work.

- Boris Johnson (Britain's last and (particularly) haphazard and incompetent PM)

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