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I need help


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I am squishing on someone who is a bad boy, to put it mildly.  I am so desperate for his attention that I check my Signal multiple times a day to see if he has texted, when I know on a rational level he probably hasn't.  When he texts me, I CRAVE it.  He only texts me once every few days though.  I dunno.  I realize this is really sophomoric on my part, and I really need to develop some equanimity.  Like, not automatically assume he's dropping our friendship if he doesn't text for a few days.  I guess that's the solution.  How do I develop this equanimity?

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Maybe this works for you: Whenever you get the desire to check for texts, do something else that gives you a small shot of dopamine. Maybe look at a picture or short clip of kittens or puppies for example. Or pick up your favorite book and read a short paragraph. A short exercise can help to, like stretching. That way, your brain gets a small ‘happy’ boost and you can focus on whatever you were doing before you were craving for this boy’s attention.

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