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Weird teacher stories


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OK, we had good teacher stories, we had bad teacher stories. has anyone got any weird or strange stories about teachers (or school for that matter).

I do recall a chemistry teacher who was very keen to let us all know that he could in principle create explosives with the chemicals we had in the school storage.

One that i remember, we had a biology teacher who was a student at the school years back and had came back as a teacher. one thing he was very proud of was that during his time in school him and his mates had found a sparrow on the school field. they took it to the then biology teacher and asked to have it kept like the specimins they had seen in the lab in lessons. The teacher did and decades later he was very happy to show us kids the sparrow he had found.

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1 hour ago, Deltalorian said:

I knew of an English teacher who would tell his 14 year old students about an erotic novel he wrote because a different student found it available on Amazon.

Oh wow, that is a whole new brand of weird 😬

I had a geography teacher who was also a judoka and who would offer male students a chance to try and get out of a ground grapple. He had been unchallenged for years, but a boy from my class managed to almost break free and the teacher never offered it again afterwards…

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I think I have a crazy teacher this year, my language arts teacher paired me up with the kid who only speaks Russian. This actually works amazing for considering I’m antisocial but then she’ll tell us to have a conversation when she knows I can’t speak Russian. She also locks her door so you can leave for the bathroom but then can’t get back in when you need to renter. (Happened to me today had to go down the the main office and get a staff to I clock the door for me). 

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Yikes, that’s cool he speaks Russian, it a pretty cool skill to learn and know (even a bit.) my mom is fluent in Russian, that’s my next language I intend on learning.

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