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aros and homecoming?


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i’m at that point of the year where everyone at my school is attempting to find a homecoming date and all that crap. some dude the other day that i hardly know asked me, and i told him “i’ll think about it”. truth is, i dont really want to go to the dance at all, but i’ll probably end up going by peer pressure.

i’m not really interested in getting a date to the dance, so i’m kinda worried about people asking me . like, do i turn them down or something?? i don’t want to accidentally lead on someone who’s potentially into me by saying yes

i don’t want to miss out or anything, but i also don’t know if other people are planning to ask me, or how to politely reject them D: what should i do? do any other aros have advice for this situation?

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Can you go with a group? That's what I did for prom. I never went to homecoming though so idk if there are stricter "rules"

I don't think you should go if you don't want to. In the grand scheme of things homecoming really isn't important (like I said, I never went and nobody cared; I think a lot of people at my school didn't go)

If someone asks you and you don't want to go with them, politely turn the offer down. Saying "I'll think about it" makes them hopeful for a potential yes


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We don't have that where I live so I don't know how it goes, but maybe you can go with a group of friends. You can ask your friends, or maybe create a group for people who wants to go without dating.

If someone asks you, just say no. It is better to be clear about it.

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I went to a school dance without a date once (wasn't a big deal, a lot of people went solo or with friends). It was pretty fun, but also super exhausting. I don't think I'd go again if I didn't get in for free :P Keeping in mind, though, it wasn't homecoming, so that might be different.

It's better to decline and be happy than to accept and be miserable. Something along the lines of "No thanks, I don't want to go to homecoming this year" is a good start.

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