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Comic about two ace (and possibly aro) dragon knights!


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(Title: Drakenridders/Dragon knights by Lode Peeters) Yes you read that right, not only a comic about knights and dragons, but the two main characters are confirmed to be ace! I suspect them to be aromantic too, but maybe the author does not know the difference. He writes about consulting ace people for the comic though so who knows.

Anyway I picked up the comic book in Dutch (the author is from Belgium) by chance in my local comic book store. I found you can read it online in English as well here: https://lodepeeters-comics.tumblr.com/tagged/drakenridders/chrono

It’s full of action and comedy (and dragons!) so I really recommend it.


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Being a dragon fanatic myself, I've been obsessing over everything dragon-related for ages. But this comic just takes it to a whole new level! Finding out the main characters are confirmed aces? Mind blown! And hey, I got a hunch they might be aro too, but no worries, representation matters!You bet I rushed to my local comic book store, heart pounding like a dragon's roar, and got my hands on the Dutch version, 'cause the author hails from Belgium! Dragons and knights in their native language, how cool is that?As a parent, I had the perfect excuse to check out some dragon toys for my kids (they love them, no doubt). But deep down, I'm low-key buying them for myself!

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