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my (sorta) coming out


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so today on my birthday I sorta told my mom I was aroace. I told her I really didn’t feel romantic nor sexual attraction.

now I’m kinda pissed off because she pulled the “you’ll meet someone, and you will find them attractive once you get to know them.” 

so I just sucked it up. And sorta ended the conversation. 

im still somewhat pissed but-


it is what it is…?


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Additional info:

so my mom brought my dad into it. He didn’t seem as “worried..?” As my mom. I doubt they are homophobic or aphobic. But part of me thinks they somewhere deny that there is an a-spectrum. 

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A similar thing happened with me. Later we talked again and she sort of accepted it when I asured her I was not closed to the possibility of a partner should there come some along I want to share my life with, even if I'm not romantically or sexually attracted to them.

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