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White rings and where to buy them?


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So I’ve recently found out that wearing white rings on your middle finger of your left hand means that you are part of the aromantic spectrum, and ever since I really wanted to get one, but I never had the time. And I’m still a minor so I live with my parents and they didn’t want me to have like a PayPal or something so I could never order it online. 

Tomorrow I’m going shopping with some IRL friends of mine that are supportive of me and I was wanting to buy a white ring. But the problem is that I don’t know where to buy any. 

So my question is where can I find relatively cheap but reliable white rings? Thanks in advance!

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I don't have an aro ring yet but when I went to buy my ace ring, it was literally just whatever they had available that fit my finger as well as vaguely fitting the criteria. I did end up going through multiple stores though, so yeah. That's only if you're not looking for anything too specific.

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not sure, depends where you are.

cheap large clothes shops tend to have some jewellery as far as I know. usually low cost but functional

another option is possibly 2nd hand sort of places. cash conversion types. They might have something.

Third option if you are ok with something very basic is that craft shops might have something. depends on what you have there.

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