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Single Mum with a Wedding Ring

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Really interesting pair of articles by a woman named Amy Andrada. I think this is something some people here would like.



Basically, Amy is single and has a young son, son realises kids aren't playing with him, well they are but the other mothers try to keep the kids away.

She starts wearing a fake wedding ring and the reaction changes. more people talk to her, kid is invited to places more.

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Wow, that is both fascinating and terrible at the same time. I'm guessing it is also a cultural thing though? I have two friends here that are single moms, i never heard them complain about this. Guess I'll send them the links and ask!

Edit: Ok, I asked my friends and apparently the only cultural difference is that a wedding ring wouldn't help, because a) a lot of people in the Netherlands don't get married and b) People would want to see this husband so that is hard to lie about in a small community.

Thankfully their children don't get excluded from parties and playdates, but they themselves are sidelined when parent are talking at events. And when playdates are planned the other parents regularly talk over them (Oh their momma is all alone, so it is too much for her. Let's just arrange the playdate at our place) I mean, wow. I'm sure they mean well but that is just so condescending...

Also, they both regularly get side-eyes from the other mothers because they apparently are seen as a 'threat'. Here to steal your husband or something like that...

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I asked my friends and was educated
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