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I identify more strongly as single than I do aro


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I've noticed that my identity as single/solo/not partnered/single at hearth more than I do aromantic. For example if I met an aromantic person who was in a monogamous romantic relationship and a alloromantic person who is not interested in such relationships I'd relate much more to the later.

How is it for you?

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I think I get what you mean; though I dislike the word ‘single’ because in my case I may be one person, but I am shaped by my interactions and connections with others (even though I would not want to share my living space with these people) So now I get to quote Yasmin Benoit (yay): 

‘My confidence is found in having a positive impact in the world, not in my relationship status. Which, by the way, isn’t single. It’s infinite.

So aromantic ‘fits’ me better ;)

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