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do you have OCs and do you tend to assign aromantic identities to them or do you give them more variety?


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For me, most of my OCs are aroace, like me. But I have a few that are different

This is Ari the mutt, she is biromantic and ace


Fineku the cat is gay

Teddy the Collie is bi

Paprika the red panda is a lesbian

And finally, Kaji the Arcanine is a demiromantic lesbian and Skit the Pomeranian mix is bi, and they are in a relationship

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I have two characters in my story who are canonically aro and in a QPR, Julia and Yuli (Yuli is a shapeshifter which is why they look like a fox.)



But honestly I have a few more characters who are probably arospec in some way even if it isn't confirmed. And then the plot barely involves romance, so there are even more who could be headcanoned as aro without having to change/ignore anything in canon. I try to give my characters variety when it comes to orientation though.


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I have some characters of my own (I don't have any art of them, but I have to say that I love y'all's art!) A couple are aspec and, oddly, only one is arospec, but he's one of my favorites hehehe

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i have quite a few arospec ocs !! josephine’s panaroflux (i’ve changed this girls romantic orientation a kagillion times godbless lmao), both daveeds (jones n johnson) are lithromantic, bianca is pandemiromantic, zion is allo aromantic n bianca n muriel are both aegoaroace to name a few

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