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I think I'm in a qpr with a friend?

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Alrighty, so my friend is also aro and we're very affectionate with each other and yeah it's kinda awesome. I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing sensual attraction with 'em because I don't experience sexual or romantic. I'm pretty sure I'm overthinking, but I'm happy to be around them, but weird stuff happened at the beginning of the year and then we both realized that platonic attraction existed and how vast (and frankly awesome) it was. Today in class we were dealing with variables and as a fan of qpr's I was like "Ah yes! look at these variables they spell out qpr." and then they stated "Oh yeah that's what we experienced at the beginning of the year" and we're really close...and I dunno...I'm also an overthinker...and I love hugs (I think I might be demi-sensual or something because I need trust someone before I wanna hug 'em otherwise it's awkward and stuff). I'm pretty sure I'm aro as I just don't understand romance...but like here's the problem. I'd be fine doing things that considered romantic platonically (except kissing...I dunno...I think I'd run away and find the nearest cake store). Like I find kissing kinda nasty if there's romantic intent, but platonically I'm just like "okay, I guess". I wouldn't mind holding someone's hand/cuddling/hugging...but like I dunno (I've said this a bit much, sorry)...I think maybe I'm just scared. I've also never kissed anyone and I've avoided situations that could lead to that...and after overthinking yeah...I'm still aro. I'm just finding it hard to accept myself and society is making it harder, but I don't mind romance in fiction, it's just in reality I wanna run away. I'm also ace, which wasn't to hard to accept, but I guess I just wasn't expecting to be aro and this friend is a good friend and I like the way things are platonically, so yeah. Overall, I don't understand kissing when it's romantic and I can't understand why it can't be platonic...like wha? Alrighty, I'm gonna stop writing now.

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QPRs and platonic attraction don't have to involve kissing, or cuddling or anything else you feel unsure about. I'm not a big kisser myself lol.

Being in a QPR is something that's agreed upon by both parties involved (even if it isn't a committed relationship) so if your friend brought it up and you're also interested in that, talk to them about it and discuss what each of you would want in a qpr. There's nothing wrong with saying "I like being affectionate with you but I don't know about kissing."

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