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Howdy y'all šŸ˜Š

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Hello to any or all readying this!Ā 

I sincerely hope that you're having a wonderful day šŸ˜

I'm Athena. I'm 38. I have 2 teenage children and have been in many romantic relationships over the course of my life so far.Ā 

Also... I'm Aro.

As far as I can tell, I've been Aro all my life with only 1 romantic exception.Ā 

So, basically, despite the fact that I've been in multiple romantic relationships, I've only actually felt romantic love once (which is a long story and I won't go into it today).Ā 

I always sorta wondered about that, tbh. I tried and tried and tried over and over again... But... I felt nothing. Honestly. I thought something was wrong with me. I was baffled by this "love" people around me claimed to feel... I just didn't get it. Couldn't understand it.Ā 

See, here's the thing about Aro people of my generation... We didn't have a label. We didn't have places like Arocalypse or Fetlife... Shit, we barely had internet with which to look up such information or figure out why we were different or find groups of likeminded people to connect with for information and support.Ā 

It sucked.Ā 

All my life, I was deemed "cold", "frigid", "unfeeling", "pessimistic", "jaded" by the people in my life (those who knew me, and those who barely knew me)....in other words; I was always labeled as an asshole in general lmao.Ā 

So, now that I'm older and wiser (and have access to technology in its various forms), I am realizing that I'm not alone. That not experiencing romantic attraction or love is actually normal for many people and that it doesn't make me frigid or a jerk... It's just how I'm wired. In short; I now have an actual, recognized orientation and (thanks to places like Arocalypse) I don't have to be afraid that I'm some sort or freak... Because I'm not. And neither are you.Ā 

Anyways, that'll be all I say for now. Hope y'all have a fantastic day and I hope to connect with y'all later!Ā 


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Hi and welcome! Iā€™m 35 myself so I recognise the struggle of having no place to connect. But luckily now there are places like this forum, so make yourself at home :)

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