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Hello (but pretend it's original)


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I am a PhD student in comparative genomics, with a background in cell and molecular biology, but my interests are much wider and include algorithmic information theory, most recently.

I recently had another look at the aspec community, I had done so years ago but then it was mostly around being specifically ace, and I could relate to some aspects but didn't find it meaningful to identify as asexual per se. Aromantic though, for sure. Based on the terminology I guess I am a quoiromantic (more specifically idemromantic I think), I do experience squishes I think, although I typically wait for them to pass.

I don't know if I am "clinically" neurodivergent, I don't have a diagnostic at all, but saying I am neurotypical is a stretch, and even if I were on the autistic spectrum, I don't know to what extent it is driving me to be aspec, so I will refrain from using the terms associated.

This was all triggered when a good friend confessed feelings for me and I reacted in a less than ideal way, but also felt a bit broken, so I looked again for similar experiences, glad many others worked it out and put it into words.

All in all, hello.

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