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Hello everyone :)


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My name is Nicole and I am an art teacher (I teach mainly young children) and an artist (illustrations and murals)

I love drawing (duh), reading, playing games, gardening and making music.

When I was 27 I learned about asexuality and while that fit I felt like something was still missing. Finding out about aromanticism when I was 30 made me realise that was the missing bit. Still took me a good 3 years to accept myself the way I am and another 3 years to make an account here. But hey, I am here now :)

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9 minutes ago, roboticanary said:


Hope you like it here.

Also cool job, I always liked that part of my education involved learning a bit about art.

Thanks! And that’s great to hear, I love it when other people feel the positive vibes art can bring :)

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