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fear of breaking your squishes heart?


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I'm kinda trying to develope a friendship with my squish and its working quite well :)

I was really happy about it untill a aquintance of mine told me: Watch out, if you're to nice to him he'll fall in love with you.

I know they didn't mean to upset me but now I have this weird fear of my squish falling in love with me and me having to break his heart which would probably destroy the whole friendship :(

Does anyone here get to be friends with their squish without romantic feelings? It has to be possible hasn't it?

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It can. But also remember that even if it doesn't and he does develop some romantic feelings for you that does not need to be the end of the friendship.

There are plenty of people who aren't aromantic who have to deal with he fact that people they feel deeply for are not interested in having a romantic relationship with them, or that they do not work well together in a romantic relationship.

Sure some of them cannot deal with it and try to destroy any relationship because they cannot bear being around the person they have those feelings for, but that is quite a rare thing.  

He might decide he wants space and time away from you in the immediate aftermath of expressing his feelings, but give it time and understanding and you still have a good shot at keeping a valuable friendship.

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