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Question for the allos: Does romantic attraction really feel as intense as everyone says it does?

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Or, is the way people write about it a hyperbole? Because it sure as heck sounds like it. Is it really so strong that you feel compelled to obsess over that person (which doesn't seem healthy) and seemingly make everyone else in your life second best? I'm sorry if I come off as negative here but I'm scared that all my friends will leave me for a partner, and then I'll be alone since I don't want/barely understand that kind of relationship.

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hmm yes as someone who usually experience crush its usually strong but its really depend , and no i personally dont put other the second , maybe sometimes i just spend a bit more time with mu crush compare to my other friends, though i get really obsessive wich i hate it and its out of my control , but its one of the side effection of the Crush wich is trouble some , crushing usually some with feeling owning/owner { like them is mine } feeling wich im not sure whats case .but its really unhealthy and im 100 percent agree . and i personally used to have many partner but i never left any of my friends alone always tried to spend as far i can spend equal time with both my partner and my friends/besties so i think its really depend on the friend you have, if they are not really good friend Or really scared to lose their partner , ignore them maybe but if they are good friend and will be able to fix and set the nice schedule to spend equal time then thats great so its more we cant just say everyone who crush and have partner leave their friend alone

though im still not sure im personally have never been in Romantic strict relationship i have been always someone soft romo / qpr partner though im aro flux/lithflux or idk maybe just alloromantic but still crushing is big deal and most of the side effects are out of the control

hope it helped, i tried my best ^^

have lovely day! if you had more question just ask me ^v^

{ note about myself : i usually feel owning about most of my friend idk why its ngl probably cause the way i grew up or the way i like to own everyone and everything ik weird Xo }

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