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Hi, I’m new here...


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Sup everyone, I'm Ikarus... I’m 19, and get ready for a bunch of aaaasss. I am an Agender Apothi Aro Ace.... Apothi means I’m repulsed to romance and sex. For example if anything has romantic or sexual implications to it, then I begin to feel uncomfortable by it. 

For instance romantic songs, kissing scenes in movies, yada yada yada you get the picture... 

I found out I was Aro Ace about a year ago, and found the Apothi micro label later on. Despite being repulsed to romance it still took me a while to understand my feelings. First of all I didn’t know the term aromantic existed, secondly I thought I was a late bloomer. I thought at a certain age I would suddenly unlock the romance badge. Well I was 18 and still no romance. I was still looking away at kissing scenes and getting frustrated by jazz vocals ruining songs at dinner. 

I journaled a bunch, and came to a thought I was avoiding for a while. I was different from other people.... I didn’t mind this thought at first, it was rather interesting. Although that interesting thought came with the darkest consequence. If I’m different, than what if I am the only one? 

Thankfully this fear didn’t last to long, I think Immediately after I considered being alone I searched something like, romance is cringe, or people who don’t like romance. Then I discovered the term aromantic, and realized this definition is literally me! I felt so good that I was not the only one, which I thought for most of my life I guess. 

Jeez this post is getting a little long now, I am going to just list some random things I like to do and end it. 

I love lots of random music, especially foreign music. I usually don’t know what people are saying, which means I escape the romo yay! I also like vaporware, and subgenera’s within it. I am studying philosophy. I love Godzilla, watch a lot of retro stuff like Macgyver. I am starting to get into fashion. I think people should bring back the wig, and bring back Louis the 14th type style during the Baroque period. Long tube tube socks to show off muscular calves. One more thing, I love skeletons, ok bye....



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