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!Hi I’m new, just wanna introduce myself


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Hi there everybody! I’m Zoe, a proud but confused aroace! I’m not sure whether or not I’d use microlabels or not, but if I did I’d probably go with quoiromantic, since what is the difference between romantic and platonic things besides the rules and labels anyway? I’ll never understand!

I love the idea of a queerplatonic partner and I hope I can find one (or multiple) someday! I’d love to just find a tribe of aroace friends and all of us live together as one big, happy family! and maybe have a couple pets too! I like fish, but I can’t have any right now because I’m visually impaired (probably should have mentioned that earlier whoops) and Mom would have to clean the tank and I wouldn’t want to put that sort of pressure on her.

I love to read and write fanfiction! Sure it’s full of shipping, but there’s plenty of amazing genfic out there if you look hard enough, especially since I’m contributing! If anyone’s interested in checking them out, I have both an FFN and AO3 account under the same username (I like to give all my accounts the same username both so it’s easy to find me and so no one can steel it.) I’m currently working on fics for Spooky’s jump Scare Mansion and Little Nightmares but I dip into other fandoms occasionally.

But I’m getting a little off topic. How I learned I was aroace… it happened when I was around thirteen or fourteen I think, maybe fifteen… I’m not quite sure. I was reading a fic and it mentioned that one of the characters was asexual. And I was like hmm, never heard of that before, lemme look it up. So I did and then I was like wait a minute… this is me! Oh gosh, I had no idea this is a thing. Well, guess I’m ace than.

Later I learned about the split attraction model, and I was like oh I’m aro too! That makes total sense, I always wondered why people valued romance over friendship.

But in hindsight it should’ve been more obvious I was different from the start. I remember watching shows about wholesome friendships/sibling bonds and thinking how sad it would be when they one day fell in love with other people, got married, and then they wouldn’t be as important to each other. I also mainly got squishes on male characters (though I somehow manage to think they were crushes even though i hated the thought of kissing and getting married and then being obligated to value that person over everyone else) so i thought I was straight for the longest time but nope. I’m aro, I’m ace, and friendship is the most wholesome form of love out there, along with the love of family. I will not allow anyone to let me think otherwise.

So that’s me, I’m happy to be here, sorry for the long post, I hope i have a good time here

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