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Best responses to coming out

Guest Round earth society

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Guest Round earth society

Hey everyone, 
At school I am pretty much out to everyone as aroace after I was unknowing set up and went on a date with a girl-don’t know how I didn’t figure it out. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out a cool girl wanted to hang out with me only to realise she was gay and I was an idiot. 
Anyway, after coming out I like to keep track of my favourite responses. These are all things I was asked by fellow high school kids. 
First person I came out to: Oh so do you feel any emotions? 
A true classic. What do they think we are…cybermen? 
Another girl once said: Yeah but if you did find another aromatic person would you date them? 
I’m just imaging a dating app just filled with aromatic people. Sounds like a great idea really. Just a bunch of people getting together to make friends and eat cake. 
But the best response of all time which I will proudly remember for eternity. 
A girl who I think was trying to be nice when I said I never want to date anyone: You’re not that ugly. I’m sure you can find someone that will fuck you. 
Nice and simple. I didn’t even know her well. It just came up in a passing comment when talking about why I will live way longer than Romeo and Juliet. 

What are the best responses for you guys? Also hi. This is my first post. Nice to know places like this exist where I can talk to other aroaces. Rather validating I think. 


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Don't know if they are the "best" answers because they sometimes were irritating on the moment, but looking back they are so ridiculous that I prefer to laugh now.

The "aro = repressed homosexual" category :

I tried to come out in a fun way to my dad because I knew it would be hard for him to get it. So I say "I am as interested about dating anyone as you are about dating men". And how he was confused I repeated insisted on the "anyone". He thought I was trying to say I was a lesbian. (I still don't know how because he is not at all interested about dating men, he even is homophobic)

A coworker was asking if I had a boyfriend, then I came out and above all the things she answered (she won the bingo all by herself), she talked about how I may just haven't find the right girl yet (then she had boy because she realized she forgets them). And then I realized she just assumed I was a repressed lesbian.


In a more positive way, it was not really an answer though, but when I first came out as asexual to a friend (because usually I came out when it showed up in conversation, and the ace part showed up, not the aro one). Then I came out later as aro and she just says "ah, so you are aro too?" and end of conversation. No need to explain what it meant or to say it is a real thing. Just immediate acceptation.




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My sister was notorious in my family as the corrupting influence as she was gay with depression, anxiety and autism but never afraid to speak her mind. All my aunts told their kids to stay away from her because of course being gay and neurodivergent is contagious. 
Little were my aunts to know that it would be harder to find the straight cousin in our family than the gay one. 
We had a group where all the gay, trans, neurodivergent guys would hang out and when I came out to them we began this running joke. 
I said that I was so afraid to catch the gayness from my sister that I accidentally blocked out the straightness as well. 

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Guest AroaceDragon

So I didn’t even mean to come out. I just said one say that I never had any crushes or felt any attraction before- and somone just gave me the words that fit. But one time I told my best friend (he’s pan) that he stole my attraction 

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