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I didn't get around to making an intro post until I'd already posted a bit, haha. Whether that is to be blamed on a scatter-brained nature or a catlike contrarian streak is an exercise left to the reader...

Anyway, I identify as aromantic, possibly bi/pan. I'm in my 30s so I might be among the older crowd here. I didn't figure out I was aromantic until a few years ago, which was when I first heard the term. I pretty much knew it described me the instant I heard it. Prior to that point I'd been in a few romantic relationships but it was always pretty miserable even when the other person liked and respected me, had mutual interests, the whole checklist of what is supposed to make it "work". Now it totally makes sense why I felt that way. The only time I was happy in a (seemingly amatonormative, to the untrained eye) relationship I was told "you two seem like really good friends, but not like you're dating" so that was a pretty telltale sign too. Now I am perfectly happy to be unattached and just pretty chill with life in general.

I am a (sometime) scientist, (definite) hedonist, (unpublished) writer, and I know I write needlessly long and complex sentences lol.

I'm really glad to find this community here, especially how laid-back and welcoming it feels. Thank you to everyone who helped make and support this site, it feels nice to know there we're all connected and supportive of each other, no matter where on the globe we may be.

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