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Hi to all of my fellow arocalypse instigators, I'm Void the 14 yr old genderfluid blob of anti-matter! I'm greyromantic, requiromantic (maybe??), and abrosexual. I have a partner that I love very much and a queer-platonic partner (poly babeyyyy). My interests include the dsmp, mcyts, true crime, witchcraft, singing, musical theatre, obscure ways to die, and medical abnormalities. My dream aesthetics are creepcore, weirdcore, dark academia, witchy academia, and liminal space. Just here to make friends and to try not to go down the aro microlabel rabbit hole.


Here's my pronouny: https://pronouny.xyz/u/voidspace

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Hi Void

Hope you enjoy being here, those are some cool interests you have. Not sure how confident I would be if I knew loads of obscure ways to die and medical abnormalities.

If you want to make some friends I would recommend having a look at the arocalypse discord (linked in off topic) as well as the forum as that has far more option for chill chatting about anything. Also we have the socials which are going on each month: 


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