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  1. So i have this friend that I’m almost completely sure has a crush on me, but I’m aroflux, and they’re allo. Any advice in how to explain or work it out without rejecting them?
  2. YMBAI if you are the most outwardly flirty person, but shy away from people when they start to like you. YMBAI (and probably also trans)if you fell in love with someone and found out you just wanted to be them.
  3. CW// swearing, invalidation, rant I broke up with my boyfriend because I’m frayromantic (flux). He proceeded to say I just had commitment issues, my identity wasn’t valid, and he needed better taste in people. Then he called me a bitch, said it was ok because I call myself a bitchboy, and justified all of it because he was mad. Then, he completely switched his attitude and became nice again… WTF sorry if that makes no sense but yea
  4. Hi to all of my fellow arocalypse instigators, I'm Void the 14 yr old genderfluid blob of anti-matter! I'm greyromantic, requiromantic (maybe??), and abrosexual. I have a partner that I love very much and a queer-platonic partner (poly babeyyyy). My interests include the dsmp, mcyts, true crime, witchcraft, singing, musical theatre, obscure ways to die, and medical abnormalities. My dream aesthetics are creepcore, weirdcore, dark academia, witchy academia, and liminal space. Just here to make friends and to try not to go down the aro microlabel rabbit hole. Here's my pronouny: https://pronouny.xyz/u/voidspace
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