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Not really sure how much I feel like putting out here, but the basics seem a necessary place to begin.

I'm a 36 (37 this year) y.o. cis male. I only discovered the grayromantic label in January of last year, only started using it as a reference point around April, and have only accepted it as a self-identifier for around six months. I've had exactly three serious relationships, and have spent roughly five years between each of them because, well, romance and romantic partnerships just aren't a driving force for me. I enjoy being alone--I'm good at being alone. And finding a potential partner whom I like more than I like being on my own has always been a challenge. I have a great group of friends who love me and whom I love, and there's really never been much of a push in my mind to settle down or partner up.

But after five years of being voluntarily single, I've been seeing a lady and...this is the first time I've attempted dating since becoming aware of being grayro, and the experience is providing me with new awareness and new challenges. Plus, I'm struggling with how/whether I want to fit under the "queer" umbrella, since it's highly unlikely that I'll ever face any kind of discrimination for being someone who rarely takes to a relationship.

Beyond that, I'm one of those elder millennial nerds, straddling the line between GenX and Millennial culture. I have an MFA in creative writing (hence the user name), and focus on SF/F/H storytelling. Mostly I write sci-fi and horror, but my upcoming WIP is going to be a fantasy satire.


Not sure how much time I'll be spending on here, but definitely looking to find some community support and talk with folx who have been through the shit I'm still figuring out.

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