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i'm sort of late to the party but greetings !

i'm vik n i have asd and mdd. tone indicators are my best friends /lh

i'm pansexual and confused about gender but my pronouns are he/ce/it.

i found this site through some internet digging, looking for information on aromantic definitions. i've always struggled with "romance". i feel strong attraction to people, but i've found that it's usually platonic or sexual or just an infatuation. i think i have had a couple instances where i have felt some romantic attraction? so maybe i'm gray-romantic? i'm not sure and lately i've been really stressed about it. something about me is i have a hard time on my own and get really lonely. i want some kind of partner but because of my lack of romantic attraction idk if it would work out. i've been in multiple relationships before but none of them have really worked out. usually people found me too clingy and too hard to handle (i have many problems). it's hard. not to mention my gender confusion, but i'm doing my best to figure it out.

thanks for listening to my little rant and nice to meet you :]

if you want to know more about me please talk to me! i'm not the best at it but i like chatting with people!

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Hi Vik

I know there are quite a few other aros on here struggling with the same sort of problem, balancing not wanting to be lonely with lacking romantic attraction and trying to form a sort of relationship which can work with that.

Good luck in finding your way around this, hope things work out for you.

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