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Starting to think I'm aromantic


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Hi, so I recently started thinking about my past love life and realized that while I was in relationships, I always felt horrible and my stomach would start to turn pretty regularly for reasons I can't quite explain. I would be home alone and start crying because I had this ideal of a good relationship and not only would I not have it, but I felt like I might not truly want it.

These relationships never lasted more than a month because I would be in so much stress that either I would end it quickly or my partner would. Despite this, I don't ever feel lonely romantically and I feel somewhere between neutral and negative about starting a new relationship. 

I do feel sexual attraction but I'm never infatuated with anyone. I just notice certain traits that I am attracted to sexually but it's never about a certain individual. For a long time, I thought it was weird but I never put too much thought into because it simply wasn't that important to me.

I'm curious if this sounds familiar to anyone and if so, what your thoughts are on my situation. Any feedback will be greatly apreciated.


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A lot of this sounds familiar to me.

being neutral or negative about starting a relationship is a fairly common follow on of not experiencing romantic attraction. While it is not something I have personally experienced that feeling of so much stress from right at the start of a relationship, as well as the stomach turning does have similarities to what other people have said about romance repulsion.

there are may aromantics who get that feeling of sadness from realising they do not really want that ideal of a romantic relationship. After years of being told that that is effectively the goal to build my life around I wasn't exactly pleased with the discovery of my aromanticism.

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