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Guest Arkadia1

Hey I have a question. I have never seen myself as Aromantic, I am heteroromantic bisexual. But in January 2010 I experienced intense Alterous Attraction  for a guy friend but those feelings went away. Then in January 2020 my Alterous attraction towards men began again but now it’s permanent and very strong. The question is. Are Alterous Attraction part of of the Aromantic Spectrum??? I have looked everywhere on the internet and have not seen good answers. Some say Alterous Attraction is a part of the Aromantic Spectrum, others have said it’s not. 

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Heyo! Alterous (and other types of) attraction are separate from aromanticism and can both be felt or not felt by aros and non-aros alike. Aromantic spaces are often the ones talking about these other types of attraction because our non-normative way of having relationships kind of forces us to, but aromanticism is only defined by a lack of romantic attraction, nothing else. You can be heteroromantic and still feel alterous attraction.

If you want to define it, you can always slap a prefix on it, like bi-alterous, etc.
Good luck with your friend!

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