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Hey everyone!

(I just realized how much time has passed since I last had to write an introduction post in a forum...)

Sooo, I'm Alin or Alu, I currently don't use any pronouns, I'm a 20 year old, non-binary university student with ADHD from Germany and I'm also aromantic.

I've known about aromanticism and me being aro for more than five years now and since the beginning it's always been the part of my queer identity that I was the most certain about, but back then, I didn't really find aromantic communities (or other aro folks in general) so I just thought I had to settle with the rest of the LGBT+ community without seeing much representation of my own identity. About two weeks ago I started searching for aro content again because I felt misunderstood by my alloromantic friends and had to remind myself I wasn't weird and shit and that I always used to be confident about being aro and I was valid and yeah... I stumbled upon the AUREA platform (which apparently has existed for over a year now without me noticing) and it led me here.

I hope I finally found a community where I feel more understood and I'm looking forward to getting to know more aromantic and arospec folks. :D

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Welcome! :aroicecream:

I'm from Sweden, so we're sort-of neighbors! 

Unfortunately, being the only aro in your local LGBTQ+ communities seems like a pretty common aro experience, so I'm happy you found us. We often get completely forgotten amidst all the love talk which can make us feel alienated even by other queers. 

I hope you'll find the community you're looking for here!

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I am from Belgium so wer'e also sort of neighbors haha

Yeah being aro don't ensure a lot of highlight for sure...

Hope you will find what you're looking for here !

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Thanks y'all for welcoming me!

Nice to see other aro folks from Europe. ?

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