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Aspec movies for allos ?

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With some friends we are thinking about organizing a movie/debate event in our social center about Aromanticism, Asexuality, Bisexuality and other erased/unknown identities.

The public whould be composed mostly of anarcho-compatible people, so kinda educated about feminist and mainstream LGBT issues. The format we would like is

  • using a short or medium fictionnal or documentary  movie (not just a short educatonnal youtube video if possible) related to the subject
  • and then have a debate about it.

The goal is to increase visibility and conciousness about these issues in our community as many, even in the queer and feminist scenes don't know about aros, aces and differentiated attractions being a thing. The movies have to be in french or english or at least have french subtitles available.

For the ace part, there are a few short movies that could fit the format, some of them are listed here. I was thinking about it's not you, its not me (CW : romance, unfinished ice cream*, sex scene and emotionnal coertion into sex) as it have an interesting (and mandatory) cross-discussion about consent. But maybe you have better ideas.

So my main problem is that I don't really know any movie that have aromanticism as a topic that would fit.

As a last resort, maybe I could project a simple youtube video defining aromanticism, then use that awfull Fr2's show from 2017 (in french. CW: highly concentrated arophobia while a greyro is present at the discussion table) as a medium to introduce what arophobia looks like (since only hardcore slutshaming is missing on the bingo). The first seconds of the show litterally says :


- Since a few weeks, there is a word that made is appearence about everywere, I say it to you, it's "aromantic". Do you know what it means "aromantic" ?

- It's the opposite of "romantic".

- Yes ! that's terrible, isn't it ? Aromantic, that's the new word for "stone hearted people". These cold and insensible persons, closed to every emotions, blah, blah, blah... [and it goes on like that for the most part of this 12 minutes public television show (paid with my TVA money !).]

I'm pretty sure the audience won't fall for the psychanalitic BS so I think it's kind of safe to debate intelligently about these awfull stuffs. It could be interresting to speak about parallels  and differences with other lgbt+phobias.

Does anyone have any better idea ? Even if it's not the same format or something.


*I know ice cream is very important to some people in the aro comunity:P.

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I'm sorry I missed this topic, possibly it's too late to comment now. I think your idea sounds good. I don't know of any short films with aromatic topics. If you want to play a clip show of different scenes I made two videos with that.

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