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Moving to stay closer to friend

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I have a really special best friend, who I've only known for one school year but have tried to be friends with enough people to know that friends like her are very hard to find. She was talking to me today about ideas about where she might want to live after college. I kind of feel like I would rather be close to her anywhere than not, a feeling that has become stronger because of how hard it was not being able to see her during my state's lockdown that is just starting to ease up now, and she seems open to that though she isn't looking for anything labelled as more than a friendship with me but says she doesn't see why friendships should be any less important than romantic relationships and she considers me family. I'm noticing by searching online that moving to stay close to a best friend doesn't seem to be a thing to most of society, as all search results when I look it up are either about just becoming roommates presumably in the same area or about friends moving away. Does anyone else have any ideas about this?

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wow it sounds like you have found someone really special, someone who understands friendship mow many of us aro-spec peeps understand friendship!

The word 'friend' is understood in so many different ways. For example I had a friend who regularly claimed to love me like family, yet I never went to any of their family events and they moved out of the state without telling me. Or a more senior coworker calling me his friend when all I did was the social reaction of a nervous underling who wanted a promotion, we didn't even interact outside of work hours! anyway, those people seem to be in the majority, that is why those sorts of internet articles are so common. 

Long distance relationships are hard, and even harder if they are friendships because I find friendships are based so much on shared events and at least in my case there was misunderstandings about what friendship means and how (irr)replaceable it is. 

I think that you should stay with the people who make you a better person. Sometimes it is hard to know who that is, sometimes it is hard to do the staying together because of life and sometimes the other person won't want to stay. But if you have the chance or opportunity then do it! 

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Your thoughts are worthy of respect, but the main thing is that you will not regret your actions later. I have had many friends for whom I was ready to do much throughout my life. But it turned out that they weren't willing to sacrifice their time for me. Therefore, think about whether you are prepared to move for the sake of a person who can abandon your friendship at any moment.  I only moved when my husband offered me to live together. I remember that I used the services manchestermanwithvan.com. Always treat people the way they treat you; otherwise, you will be disappointed in life.

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