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Hello. I'm new here


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How's everyone going?

I'm Quimey, 26 y/o, ze/hir 

I've identifying as an aro since I was 16. I don't label my sexual attraction because is too flux, too fluid and too flexible for me to even waste my time searching for a label, but I do label my alterous, sensual and aesthetic attraction (demialterous asensual omniaesthetic, my attraction is mostly to women and other feminine genders and outherine genders, that's why I call myself a brownitian aro) because I think they're way more connected to my aromanticism than my sexuality is. 

I'm abinary/outherine, meaning that my gender isn't feminine, masculine, androgynous or neutral, but is also not the lack of gender. I say i'm just outherine gendered because I don't like the main outherine gender labels like maverique, aporagender, etc. If I had to gave my gender a name, I'd say I'm an ouman.

I identify with the queer community, more than I identify as LGBT+. 

I like musicals and vintage thing, specially fashion and classic films and tv series.

I play the piano and I plan to learn to play the bass.

I like classic literature more than  I like modern one, but i'm not an ass about it. I'm not a fan of most YA book series and I have a lot of things to criticize about the ones I like; but they made a lot of kids interesting in reading and I appreciate this type of stories for that. 



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Hello there Quimey, Glad you are here! In this website, hope you can find comfort and have happy discussions here. :3 Here, an ice cream, hope you like it (insert tasty ice cream)

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