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strong aro headcanon

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i watched a movie with a character i relate to so much!  allison mackenzie from peyton place (1957).  for reference, she narrates at an unknown age the story which includes her 18th birthday and presumably at least one more.  she's almost definitely aromantic (though she wouldn't be able to call it that) and heterosexual.  she plans not to get married, but to "have lovers".  she likes to "kiss boys whenever the impulse sweeps over (her)".  she's happy to live on her own, pursue her dream career (writing), and socialize.  there's a guy she's kind of involved with; we see them talk, kiss, swim at the lake, and after going their separate ways, meet unexpectedly on a train and agree to have dinner together.  there's no indication that they end up as long-term partners, or even (as far as i could see) that either likes the other romantically.  we do see other couples who are definitely married or in committed relationships, leading me to believe that if they were, it would be equally explicit.  oh, and she has a single mom--she was the "mistress" of a married man who died when allison was 2.  she ends up in a committed relationship with a nice man, so it doesn't seem like allison's preferences are supposed to be influenced by her mom's ~scandalous~ past.  she clearly values love, as she begins the story by describing the four seasons and adding: "but there was a fifth season, of love.  and only the wise or the lucky ones knew where to find it."  the end of the movie is the end of her narration: "we'd finally discovered that season of love.  it is only found in someone else's heart.  right now, someone you know is looking everywhere for it.  and it's in you."  which btw i think is really lovely even without the specifically non-romantic context i'm giving it.  so yeah, that was super cool.  i watch almost exclusively old movies and i can say that especially for the time, the movie was very bold.  wasn't afraid to get into serious/controversial topics and discussions, including premarital/casual sex, and--if you're thinking of watching it, trigger warning--rape, murder (self-defense), and suicide.  heavy, but good.

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there are a few.  here's the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WYjo-Wrd2w&t=1617s

and here are some moments with approximate times to cut them off:

26:24-26:52 allison says she's never been in love (i also just really like this part because of how she talks about her passion/future career--i know exactly how she feels)

37:25-37:42 her mom says she wants allison to fall in love and get married, allison objects

42:58-43:04 "i'm never going to get married; i'm just going to have lovers" (the surrounding scene is sort of a conversation between her and norman about relationships and sex, and they kiss without being romantically involved, but it's too long for a 'moment'--just if you want to watch for interest's sake)

2:08:39-2:08:50 "...and kiss boys whenever the impulse sweeps over me"


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