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I currently identify as aro-ace-flux. I say currently because that might change as time goes on. I might, in the future, identify as just aro, or just ace, or aroflux or whatever. But right now, I identify as aro-ace-flux, which, quick explanation, means I experience little to no desire for romantic or physical relationships, but how much fluxuates dependent on outside factors.

I recently came out to my family, although it wasn't really coming out how like you'd think it was. I have two moms. And I was actually explaining the different kinds of queer people in the LGBTQ2+ community to one of them because they're both kind of out of touch with this kind of thing. Like, very out of touch. Anyways. So, she asked me what I identify as, so I ended up saying aro-ace.

I've been looking into aro-ace for a little while, and spoke to a friend of mine who's trans about the community. I've never felt romantic attraction for anyone. In second grade, because I believed I was supposed to, I acted like I had a crush on a boy in my class, when really, I just was interested in being friends (we never dated nor are we friends, more like just classmates). I didn't act flirty or anything like that afterwards (although all I really did with that kid was ask him about the rules of soccer because I really wanted to know how to play soccer). So when I told my parents that I currently identified as that, they were cool with it. (Not that they have room to judge, they're lesbians. ? )

As someone who identifies as aro-ace-flux, would I be generally accepted on this forum? Because I do identify as aro, I just also identify as ace.

Just wanted to say hi, I guess. Rather bored today, I'll say that, my sisters resorted to watching Moana, someone same me plz!

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Heyo there mate. Welcome welcome ^^ You are accepted in this forum (anyone who says nay fite me). Really glad that you found your orientantion, and even if it does change in the future, what matters is that you are identifying with those labels now. Family acceptance is super great (mine doesn't know) and glad you have the amount of confidence in sharing it with your fam, mine is kinda close minded so I'm just taking my time.

So again, Hi!, couldn't save you since I was inactive this last few weeks cuz loads of work from university (sorry!)

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