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Hiya everyone,


New to the community and happy to have found it. I would describe myself as Aro/Lithro? Definitely Aro, but not sure where exactly I fall on the spectrum yet Lithro sounds kinda right. Figured out I'm aro 3 weeks ago. My two best friends questioned my sexuality after they talked to my ex-boyfriend cus I was more open with them than him and would hang out with them over him given the opportunity. They asked me two questions, the same to questions that my one best friend asked the other to figure out she was gay. 

Them: "Would you sleep with a dude?"

Me: Yes

Them: "Would you sleep with a chick?"

Me: No, probably not.

But that make me ask myself a question I had asked myself about a year and a half earlier. "Am I aromantic?" A year and a half ago my answer was "I don't know". My answer now, "YUP!"

It took a year and month relationship that made me uncomfortable most of the time because romance is a thing I literally do not understand, but I figured out a part of who I was. Now the only bad thing is my ex was and might still be in love with me... which makes things awkward when we are a part of the same tight knit group of friends... yeah. Gonna have to figure out a time to tell him and soon so he can get some closure, heal, and move on. It's funny, I care about him more now that he is an ex and (trying) to be his friend then when he was my boyfriend. So, yeah, I screwed that whole thing up and I'm gonna fix it. I also need to tell him so I can tell the rest of that friend group because I have news and I want to share and I know they will be supportive and loving. In any case, my core friend group now includes a gay bear, a twink, a lesbian disaster, the self-proclaimed asexual goblin,  an aro goth-lite (me), and some straights. So, we got representation pretty well handled. My two best friends who know I'm aro are very loving and supportive, but I joined this so I could get some perspective and advise from people more like me.


All in all, happy to be here. 



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Kinda. I my sense of style is very goth-ish (black lace up boots, black chocker necklace, black lace, dark purple lip stick, dark eyeliner, etc.) but I also love color and am WAY to cheerful and not nihilistic enough to be full goth. Goth-Lite (like light beers, Coors-lite, bud-lite, etc.) is a term my dad came up with when I was in high school to describe me and I still use that term today. 

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Lol, that's valid. I mean, I'm goth too, and I wear bright colors- You don't have to wear one aesthetic all the time, nor do goths have to have a certain personality. The idea that goths are all exactly the same in every way all the time, and that anyone who isn't is somehow a fake goth, is a common misconception.

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