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Aro Pride Swag Ideas (mostly for round pinback buttons)

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A question for everyone: What kind of colors/words/imagery do you like on your pride swag?


With ASAW fast approaching, I’m thinking of putting together some small custom buttons for my local area, but I want to go beyond just the standard aromantic pride flag and the word “aromantic”.  


1. Besides pride flags and actually spelling out the words, is there any kind of imagery or symbols that you associated with the aromantic spectrum that you think would be fun to include? (I’m definitely not up to date on all the latest puns and memes)


2. Also, for those who use more specific labels under the umbrella that they wish they had swag for, what are those labels and what kind of imagery (pride flags, puns, or anything else) do you associate with them? (Also, if you could link to your favorite definition of the term, that would be a big to help to me so that I don’t flub it if someone else asks me to explain it). 


I’ll also eventually post the design files for anything I make online in case anyone else wants to make use of them in the future :) 

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I just came up with this, so I don't have a firm idea, and maybe it's been done: but something with some pun on arrow/cupid's arrow/aro.... I'm not really sure how that would work.... 

I kind of want there to be a thing where the symbol of aro is the banana. Because, "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

But I'm weird, so don't base anything off of me. Also, It's Monday, and I haven't had enough coffee yet, so I'm a extra weird right now... 

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There's always archer imagery (arrows, bows, quivers). I believe the aro community has claimed griffins? And also possibly frogs. Yellow roses are a semi-common symbol since they traditionally symbolize platonic affection while other roses are for ambiguous or strictly romantic purposes. Aro ghosts or space themes would be cool, not because the community really claimed them but because...ghosts and space are nice lol. I think I've seen a few people say we claimed aardvarks? I'm not sure though.


As for other flags, the alloaro and aroace flags have become more common, so seeing some of those would be pretty cool! And of the flags used by the spectrum would be good, like the cupioromantic or quoiromantic flags.

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