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Romantic attraction in dreams?


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I had a weird experience last night. I don't normally remember my dreams much, but I have at least bits of this one... 

In the dream, I was with a woman who I thought I had a crush on in college (25 years ago). I found/find her physically attractive, and she's really cool, and fun to be around. In the dream, I run into her again (I haven't actually seen her in person for almost 25 years, but we're FB friends, etc) and suddenly have all of these feelings. Heart palpitations, butterflies, etc... I remember, in the dream, thinking "huh, maybe I'm not aromantic after all?" 

Now, It's been a LONG time since I've had feelings for this woman. She's been married to her high school sweetheart for almost 25 years and they have at least 2 kids... I still think she's really cool... but that's about it... 

Have others had similar experiences? I mean, I can fly in my dreams, so it's not like dreaming I can do something that I can't do in real life is all that surprising... 

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I think, dreams do not always mean much. I believe, that they have symbolic meanings, yes, but not literal. Maybe flying means you feel free or light, but it does not mean you can literally fly. The same is for dreaming of a crush. Maybe you have been thinking about her lately, and your mind interpreted it as "what if things had been different?" so you dreamed of that?


I had a similar dream 2-3 weeks ago. I do not normally dream of romance or romantic feelings (I think, I have had maybe 3 romantic dreams in my whole life) but this time I dreamed I was with a guy, that I almost dated last year. In the dream, he was in love with me and did things like hold my hand, cuddle me, etc. Instead of being uncomfortable or indifferent, like I am in real life, I liked it and felt like it was right. I thought: "hey, maybe I can do this." I was confused when I woke up and wondered if it means I am not aro after all. But as I said, just because the brain can imagine something does not mean it will happen in real life, and even if it does, it does not mean it will be enjoyable.


I mean, one time I dreamed of being Voldemort and killing Harry Potter. Does that mean I will actually kill someone and enjoy it? No, it just means I have a good imagination.

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I wouldn't think too much of it, really.


I have romantic dreams every once in a while too, but I usually never dream them as myself. I'm just someone else, dreaming a different life. Those I remember I actually enjoy, but I would never want all that stuff while being awake. Like, urgh, go away with all those emotions please!

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