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Pushed Aside

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I am so sick of being pushed aside as a friend in favor of romantic partners. I’m afraid that’s all I’m ever going to be. I’m afraid I’ll never be someone’s first priority because friends don't ever seem to be in this society. I’m worried I’ll never be enough. 


I definitely want to get married someday, but I’m afraid I’ll never find a friend who’s willing to do that. I thought I found one and then I found out that they were joking the whole time. I was kind of joking since we’re still super young to be thinking about that, but I was hoping it would be real. And to find out that a joke was all it ever was... it hurt

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I wish I could tell you that in the society that we are living, friends and romantic partners are seeing as equals. I feel your struggle, I know what is to be the third wheel, if even considered a wheel at all. However, do not give up, you can find someone that understands you and wants the same as you, if that is what you want. Also, you can be enough to follow whatever goals you put yourself, no need of someone else. Follow your dream and if you click with a partner(s) then there you go, and if not, then continue walking.

(Me trying to be positive and encourage you to look at positive side of this sick and romance-driven society).

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