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To jump right in, here is a bit about me.. I am 19 years old and I am a University student hoping to major in Law and Justice and Anthropology as well. I am an introvert and a cat lover.


I happened to stumble upon a video in my YouTube recommended list that talked about what being Aromantic was. I had never heard of this before. I watched a few videos and did some online research and It just all kind of clicked with me. I can relate to it so much. It was like I was crossing things off a checklist. I have always felt so lonely and like I was missing out on so much, which people in my life are often so quick to point out.


I have never been really able to relate to others, especially people my own age, when it comes to things like romance and relationships and whatnot. My parental unit often tells me that I am "too negative" and "too cynical" about things like relationships whereas I feel like I'm just being realistic. From an early age I expressed my dislike of the prospect of ever being in a romantic relationship.


It frustrates me how people in my life seem to think I am joking or something and don't seem to really take me seriously. I've  been told things like "you may think that way now, but do you really know that for sure if you've never been in a relationship?" and "give it time, you may find that you feel differently about it later" or "the right guy just hasn't come along yet"... like I don't know my own mind. 


Looking back I can't really name one time when I felt romantic attraction per se. My "crushes" were more in that I admired a person and really wanted to be friends with them since I thought they were cool, rather than because I was romantically interested. It never occured to me that other people may not see it the same way.


Whenever someone asked me out I would say yes out of feelings of obligation but would then end up praying that the other party would call a raincheck and give me a way out of the hell of my own making. I am still unsure of where I fit exactly in the spectrum. I am really looking forward to learning more about myself and this community. 

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Welcome :) Have some [more] aro ice cream: :aroicecream:

Your story is very relateable and I'm glad you've found this community where you can learn more about yourself

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