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Howdy. I’ve already lurked a bit on the forum, so I suppose it’s the time to also write a small introduction for myself. 


I’m Kallie, a High School student from a non-English speaking country, so I’m sorry in advance for any of the mistakes I could make.

I had a conversation with my best friend this autumn. We were talking about a guy, who has been crushing on me for more than a year now, and I told her that I simply don’t understand how someone could have such strong feelings towards an another person (and thought he was lying), and she told me I will understand it later. We didn’t talk about it much afterwards, but it made me start questioning myself. 


When I first read the description of who an aromantic was, my first reaction was to ask “Wait, what even is romantic attraction?”, and when I looked it up I was very surprised people actually felt that. I started watching videos on the topic, reading blogs, articles, and this forum, and I felt like a lot of the things described there matched how I felt, or that my experience made more sense when I looked at it through an aromantic lense: all of my crushes were just squishes, because I thought that wanting to talk to someone more was romantic attraction; trying to imagine myself dating or (god forbid) marrying someone had always felt very wrong, but I could see myself spending my future with a close friend; people would always think I was flirting with someone whereas I just was trying to be nice and friendly with them. I have even made a long list of such signs to help me feel more confident about my identity :D


I still feel like I may be too young to know for sure. One of the worries I have about using the label is that I will probably be the only aromantic many of the people I know will ever meet, so it will create an awful image if I will later realize I’m actually allo. Still, I think it describes me the best and I feel the most comfortable using it, so I doubt this will ever happen. 

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Life is a phase. As are all things that happen during it... 


A label is not a legal contract with responsibilities and requirements, and you have to get a lawyer to sign something if you change your mind. 

By that, I mean: Call yourself whatever feels accurate to you now. If you decide that was wrong, or how you feel changes, change then. 


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