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New here and its almost 2020!


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I have been learning about Aromanticism for almost a year I think now. I have not been mono for years and open about being solo poly and a relationship anarchist. Quoiromantic / WTFromantic fits the best because I still do not even romance other then the basic flowers stuff which I have never had interest in and told everyone lol. In learning about aro I have much to learn and most of it is the very idea I can choose how I relate to others. I was not raised in the healthiest environment and still working through that. I am going on 40 and I really think its time to just be me. 


When I was a kid I thought everyone was bisexual but just didn't want talk it lol and I think I thought the same for aro that we had these "traditions" we did but it was just how it worked. (I know not everyone is bisexual and aro now btw ) 

I now consider it faking it but not on purpose. Now I am focusing on the healthiest way for me. I am in a non sexual time in my life but not asexual I do not think just a chosen celibate time while I heal and figure stuff out :)


I am taking a FB break so happy this place exists :)



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