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Hello from a MPD system


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My name is Omari I am the host. 


The host of a Multiple Personilty Disorder (MPD) System. 


My system is made up of 11 alters including me.


We have;

Daniel (protector) (19)

Ash (emotional protector) (15)

Delaney (physical protector) (17)

Ian (little) (5-9) *

Kugo (little) (4-7) *

Eli (gatekeeper) (17-20) *

Jamie (internal self helper) (15)

Taylor (locked alter) (12)

Eric (persecutor) (17)

Hailey (persecutor) (16)

Jamal (protector) (7-14)*

Quinn (pain holder) (5-13)*

And me, Omari (host) (16)


* -> they are age sliders


We are 13 people that share a single body 


This is us 


Nice to meet you


-The Crew 

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Thank you both for the welcome. 

I found this place via a friend of mine from Trevor Space. 

Compared to Trevor Space, this place is a ghost town. I guess its cause everyones more involved with the discord more than anything

Either way, it's nice to meet yall

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