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  1. Thank you both for the welcome. I found this place via a friend of mine from Trevor Space. Compared to Trevor Space, this place is a ghost town. I guess its cause everyones more involved with the discord more than anything Either way, it's nice to meet yall
  2. Thanks Though it seems this place is barely active if at all... -Eli
  3. @Red Ivy I do! I have 11 alters -Omari
  4. Hello! My name is Omari I am the host. The host of a Multiple Personilty Disorder (MPD) System. My system is made up of 11 alters including me. We have; Daniel (protector) (19) Ash (emotional protector) (15) Delaney (physical protector) (17) Ian (little) (5-9) * Kugo (little) (4-7) * Eli (gatekeeper) (17-20) * Jamie (internal self helper) (15) Taylor (locked alter) (12) Eric (persecutor) (17) Hailey (persecutor) (16) Jamal (protector) (7-14)* Quinn (pain holder) (5-13)* And me, Omari (host) (16) * -> they are age sliders We are 13 people that share a single body This is us Nice to meet you -The Crew
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