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Questioning Aro?

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      Hiya, I'm knew here and was looking for some assistance. Long story short, I'm a questioning aro with a girlfriend, what do I do?


      A bit more detail about this is I've been questioning for a while now. I've definitely had crushes in the past, and I've been in relationships as well. But I've never been with someone for long due to just feeling out of place in a relationship. And as for crushes, the seem to be mainly physical attraction and never last long either. I do like the idea of romance a good deal, as a matter of fact I'm fairly into ship culture and such. And I've imagined myself in long-term romantic relationships, but my ideal relationship just seems to be a good, long term, caring friend.


      I'm fairly happy with my girlfriend, it's the best relationship I've ever been in. But it's really no different from friends with a title, our relationship would be the same regardless of whether it was labeled as a friendship or romantic relationship, if that makes sense. And I've been reading a lot on this site lately, and I can honestly relate to how a lot of out aro people describe themselves and their experiences. How do I figure out who I am, any advice is greatly appreciated.


      Also apparently people use this emoji a lot because of the colors so here's that, I'm totally gonna use this more often. :aroicecream:

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Well, if you feel like you are aro you can identify like this. It doesn't mean you have to break up with your girlfirend if you are comfortable in your relationship and like it as it is! I think a minority of aros stil engaged in romantic relationships, in particular cupioromantics  (aro that still desire a romantic relationship).

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