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(New and Improved) Aro-spec Identities and Experiences of Stigmatization Survey

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As a follow up to last year’s survey of the same name, I want to poke the aro community with a new, improved, expanded survey that is more inclusive. This time around, I have @Magni collaborating with me (huge thank you to zem for being an awesome research partner).


Anyone who identifies with the aro community in some way, including grey and questioning people, is welcome to take this survey. 

Participating in this survey is, as always, completely optional. If you wish to stop participating at any time, you may do so, for any reason.


This survey will ask you about your experiences with microaggressions, oppression, and stigmatization as an aro. Therefore, some of the questions may be distressing for you. You have every right to stop participating or to not participate at all if you are uncomfortable.


If you are interested in participating, CLICK HERE.


Feel free to boost this survey on other channels. If you do, please include the blurb above.

Thank you for your time.

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We are closing the survey today. Thank you to anyone who participated; we had 357 participants.


For those of you who started but didn't finish the survey, your session should be open for the next 2 weeks, so you can finish in that time frame.


Analyses to come.

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