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Hi, I've been lurking around in these forums ever since I found out about them, especially the introduction section, waiting nervously to post my introduction. 


I'm 22 years old and currently live with my parents, partner, and two cats. I discovered this site by clicking a link from an aro person I follow on social media. I had no idea forums like this existed before then, even though it makes sense that they would!


Anyway, I don't know how much of this directly has to do with being on the aromantic spectrum, but I'll talk about a little bit of my history. I've always been disgusted by romance, both in front of me and in media. Plus I never really wanted a romantic relationship. I had "crushes," but the only thing I wanted was to be special to that person. (I never imagined having an actual relationship where we did stereotypical relationship things.) I didn't care about how that got across to me, and I was good with romantic gestures (sometimes) because they're known to be a way to express how much someone means to you. I didn't know I was on the aromantic spectrum until I got with my current partner and actually experienced a relationship. Plus, that's around the time I learned what aromantic even was. I still don't know if I'm aro and greyro (sometimes romance repulsed, sometimes romance neutral), but figuring that out is too stressful, so I'm going with greyro for now. I kind of think of my current relationship as a QPR/QPP because that describes a lot of how I feel, though it doesn't fit completely. As much as I like using labels, there won't always be labels that work for me I guess.


Anyway, sorry about the rambling! Nice to meet everyone. 

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Welcome and congrats on making your introduction post. :) The wanting to be special to someone but not necessarily pursue a traditional romantic relationship is extremely relateable and I hadn't thought about that until you said it. I hope these forums can give you support, and I know you've already helped someone else figure something out (i.e., me) so thank you.

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